Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama Vs. Putin

All this attention being spent on Putin and Sochia, Putin in the Ukrain, Putin Putin Putin.  I decided to do a little research and compare him to our beloved IslamObama.  Friends we be in trouble.

                            Obama Vs. Putin

Obama throws out first pitch in mom jeans Putin goes horseback riding shirtless
Obama sends openly Gay delegation to Sochi Russia      

Putin anti-gay law applies to the Olympics, and athletes, guests and media who run afoul of the law will be thrown in jail.
Obama commends first openly Gay basketball player Putin commends Russian Olympic teem
Obama wants to build more wind farms Putin builds Formula One race track at Sochi
Obama Islam is a religion of peace Putin “If you are determined to become a complete Islamic radical and are ready to undergo circumcision, then I invite you to Moscow. We are multi-confessional,” he said.
“We have experts in this sphere as well. I will recommend to conduct the operation so that nothing on you will grow again.”

Obama admits he was a pothead Putin considers it essential to fight all kinds of drugs.
Obama gives free healthcare to invading Mexican illegals
Putin invades Ukraine

So who is the real tough guy?  Afghanistan.

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Mike Panko said...

That was amusing Carey. I confess though, reading about the interests of two half-wit facists sort of nauseated me. As I have watched the cabal (Dems and Repubs) in the Washington destroy our country and constitution, I have become disinterested in their personality quirks and "law making" activities. I now only think about, how can Washington's power be can taken back to it's original intent. I looked at some of the biggies like Freedom Works etc. I believe they are doing noble work at the macro level, but all their work will be for naught if we don't subterfuge the cabal's power at the local level (their foundation and training ground for future minions). That I believe is the task that must be accomplished by citizens like me.