Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Continuing on... my accumulated thoughts

   These are my accumulated thoughts and notes I have had for the last few months. So will continue on and when this list exhausts will make a new one.

   The last thing I left you with was my thoughts on the Malaysian airplane. I will start this one with healthcare or Obamascare.

   Seems like daily someone is telling me a new story of what is going on with their health insurance or have you heard….   My friends Rich and Walt's plan have gone up, one saw his premium increase from 75 to 195.  At a restaurant I frequent a waiter told me of an elderly couple who are regulars weren’t in for months.  When they returned they told of the reason for the absence was because their health insurance got canceled which was followed by a sickness that caused their savings to be wiped out.

   And this story is from a janitorial account of mine.  I won’t say who but the owner is very knowledgeable and leans Tea Party.  She told me of a worker who just canceled his insurance because he could no longer afford it.  When she told me the amount that it was raised I scoffed and said NO WAY.  She took me into the office and said here read this from the billing of Blue Cross Blue Shield, his  family plan was $902 per month now it’s $1,996 per month.  How can a working man afford that???

    At a business meeting I attended I spoke with a lawyer who practice is in taxes is having a field day financially giving advice and help to companies with Obama Care but he thinks it’s the worse law ever.  He believes we’re heading for a one payer system where you pay the government to insure you; the health care insurance industry will be put out of business.  He also fears that our government bankrupted social security, made a mess of Medicaid and once they get their hands on our health insurance tax money they will squander it also.

   At the same meeting a Consultant told me his dad is a doctor and it is not worth it.  He went to school to become a doctor but because of the insurance companies it is becoming less and less profitable to become a doctor.  You are at the mercy of the insurance industry so he switched careers.

   This is old news but as I said these thoughts have been sitting in a draft for months. Obama is banking on healthy young people signing up for healthcare and since they are healthy it will pay for the elderly who will use it more.  But the young adults won’t sign up for it because they can stay on their parents plan until they are 26 so why should they get a plan of their own?  Madness.

   Let’s look again at what the lawyer said whom I spoke to, he said I believe we’re heading for a one payer system where you pay the government to insure you; the health care insurance industry will be put out of business.  Now it all comes together.  Nancy Pelosi recently corrected a reporter and said over and over and over again it’s not Obama Care it’s the Affordable Care Act.  So the plan is this, make it so tough for private insurance companies that they have to raise rates which will force people to drop them and look into the government option.  And we know how part two of this game goes.  I am sure lets take for example the case of the worker who saw his plan get raised from $902 to over $1,900, the government will then offer him a much cheaper rate but still above his original rate.  Of course he will jump at it.  But it still won’t be as affordable as before.  I am banking on this happening.  What a scam.

    I spoke with an insurance agent and he told me DO NOT go to the Obama Care website it is unsecured and anyone can hack your information you put in.  He explained that a website has to be built with security it can’t be added later.  The agent also told me if you don’t have health insurance now, ride it out for a bit until they figure out what is going on.  Pay the fine which is much cheaper than getting a bad plan.

   Now let’s look at athletes. There has been some anger that game of baseball and football is changing.  Baseball has or may outlaw home plate collisions.  Football has also banned certain hits and has new rules if a player gets a concussion.  Some fans are blaming the new modern wimpy athlete.  We need to think BEYOND the player.  Egos haven’t changed.  Most players are young and have no regard for their health and or future, all they want is on the field glory.  So I think you need to look at the owners protecting their multimillion dollar investment in the players.  But let’s look a little deeper.  What does it cost to insure a player?  Could Obama Care be part of this? So the game has to become tamer as the salary's go up and up and along with the cost of insurance and maybe what will be covered and won't.  Why should an insurance company cover a home plate collision when it could have been avoided?

Next gas prices.

Carey Masci

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