Thursday, April 16, 2015

OK here it is my presidential picks for 2016.

OK here it is my presidential picks for 2016.

Lets take a look at my past picks. I wrote this in January 30, 2008.

I said back in May '07 they have groomed McCain as heir apparent to the throne of the president.  He is going to get steam rolled by the younger, youthful and more energized Obama and if its Hillary EVERY Democrat will go out to vote for her.  The only guy that has a chance is Huckabee to defeat and unite this party.  Strong veteran bill of rights, pro life - pro marriage and DUNCAN HUNTER endorsed him.   It seems long ago, Hillary and McCain were the picks.  3 things got in the way, Obama - Huckabee - Mitt.  Obama may upset the Dems applecart, Mitt has enough money to hang around and Huckabee said he isn't going anywhere and is in for the long haul, so there is a bit of light left.

Well I was right McCain would get the nominee after some back room deals to get the Mitt-nipulator to back off until the next presidential election and Obama did upset the Dems applecart even though it was only Hillary's applecart.

In December 29, 2010 I wrote this

In case you haven't figured it out yet here is my prediction for the presidential election in 2012.  It will be Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee against Obama and Obama wins big.  Keep an eye on Hillary, she is jockeying for position.

Well I was spot on there. Hillary did indeed jockey for position resigning as Secretary of State in November of 2012 thinking she is the next inline to be president. The first woman, the first wife of a president to become president it is all set for her but is it? Forget about the scandals those only matter to those on the right side of the spectrum. We have created a two party hate system of voting so the Democrats would vote for Satan to stop a Republican from winning and so would the Republicans do the same to stop a Democrat. What may stop Hillary is her haggard old looks and her phoniness. Now I am stepping way way out here but I think the person to keep an eye on is our Old Buddy John Genghis Khan Kerry.

It has been over 10 years since Kerry ran for president and there are a host of new voters out there who are not aware or care about his past. He almost survived the Swift Boat veterans in '04 which won't be a factor this time. America is far different now then 10 years ago. A war protester of a past era is far more palatable in this anti-war climate we are in. America is tired of the wars. Kerry looks more energized and though he is a far out liberal he doesn't have nearly the baggage of the old bag herself Hillary. And remember Kerry took over as Secretary of State when Hillary resigned.

Now the Republican side pick is on Rand Paul. First lets run down some on the list of GOP hopefuls. Huckabee had his moment in the sun as did Santorum. Though they tried to cozy up to the establishment they haven't cracked it. Huckabee and Santorum hung on to long in their runs which did not sit well with the party higher ups. They can split some of the votes with the Carson show but it won't cut it.

Every election there is one candidate we love but just doesn't have it and that is Ben Carson. The east coast Fat Cat Christie just can't unify the party. Won't happen. Rubio and Cruz are just to right of center and won't do anything but get some tea party votes besides they shouldn't even be running, they are not natural born citizens as is Obama, correct me if I am wrong.

That leaves us with Jeb Bush and Rand Paul. Wow the money is on Bush but the Republicans need to the Conservative Right and the Tea Party to win, even though they don't like them or want to admit it, so my pick is on Rand Paul.

Rand Paul has kissed the Elephant god's ring by endorsing Romney over his father which got him a spot to speak at the 2012 GOP convention and he endorsed Mitch McConnell. The Tea Party will be silenced as they finally have their man and the Republicans have their man to do what they want while throwing bones at Rand by allowing him to do just enough to keep the Right thinking things are going their way. Rand is being reshaped into an ineffective Reagan.

My vote goes to my conscience and will vote for the Constitution Party candidate first. And if the Constitution Party candidate can't make the Ohio ballot because of the GOP bill SB193 I will vote Gary Johnson. I don't agree with Johnson on some issues at all but I trust him, The Republicans I agree on almost all the campaign issues but don't trust them at all. And that's the difference. 

Carey Masci

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Question: Can you pick a good apple out of a barrel of rotten apples?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Will it stay good?
Answer: No. By virtue of its contact with the rot, it has already started to rot.