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Trying to reform the Republican Party?

Reflections..... Reflections usually lead to directions which should lead to corrections... which is where i am at, reflecting. Concerning politics...

This is a email conversation I had with the head of a local liberty group here in Lake County. I will post the follow up response and then I will dice and slice this further.
At this point, after having given it considerable thought, I can't see that a third party is going to be a viable option. I like that for which the Constitution Party stands. However, there is virtually no way that the established parties are going to allow a third party to win anything. Therefore, I am going to respectfully decline the invitation.
I firmly believe that the only option is to have the numbers on the GOP state and county central committee to change the direction. 
I would like to have you on board on this if you would.
If I'm missing something and you see a path forward with the Constitution Party, please let me know.

my reply
I am disappointed not only by the conclusion you made but also because I am tired of thinking that progress has been made promoting the Constitution Party only for a person to repeat what the media says that a third party can't win and in the end go back to one of the two main political party's.

Your offer of wanting me on board in reforming a corrupt and immoral party is also troubling. Do you remember I was on the Central Committee? I am now Chairman for the Constitution Party of Lake County and would never resign unless someone with more ability steps up. I am moving forward, by going back to the Republican Party would be doing just that – going backwards. 
Furthermore the way I have been treated by so called friends who call themselves Republicans is disheartening. This is not about me or my personality but is for the direction of this nation. Why would I want to align myself again with this polarized thinking of Republican vs. Democrat while all others go to hell?

When I met with the Chairman's of the Constitution Party of Ohio and attended my first meeting I was in a room with like minded individuals unlike Republican meetings where I have to seek out the Conservative Christians. Don't sit with them they are moderates, that group only cares about their wallet, this group is Ron Paul supporters, this is the establishment Republicans, that's nonsense and another big reason why trying to reform the Republican Party is flawed. Which group will infiltrate and take over the Republican Party? Will it be the Ron Paul Libertarians? - the Christian Right? - the Tea Party? My answer is none of the above. In the end party members will march in goosestep and still vote for the handpicked establishment Republican left standing as the prevalent thinking of its better to vote for the lesser of two evils is still being played out. 
Poll after poll show that a large percentage of Americans feel a third party is needed. So what is the problem? We as leaders are not giving the voting public an option. The ones who are capable of running for office or head liberty groups disregard these polls and continue the mantra of trying to reform the Republican party. Why not give the public the choice and let them decide? 
I have to ask this, which is easier - reforming the Republican Party as you suggest or electing a third party candidate? Both are a daunting task but do you really feel you can climb the ladder to wrestle the Republican party away from the globalists? Why go through all that when you can on the local level help elect Constitutionalists who then can run for state and national positions. You also wrote “...there is virtually no way that the established parties are going to allow a third party to win anything.” If they won't allow a third party to win why do you feel they will let their party slip from their control?

As for myself that is why I attend less and less liberty meetings, Tea Party meetings and the like. We know the sky is falling but what these groups fail to deliver on is what to do about it. Why should I go to these meetings when the rallying cry is to take over the Republican Party? Why take over a party and not take back America? 
So in conclusion you ask If I'm missing something and you see a path forward with the Constitution Party, please let me know.. Yes you are, the path forward is simply to unite. 
This is my game plan which has changed from wooing Republicans to distancing myself from them and seeking voters who are looking for another choice. I have been encouraging my friends to do these 5 things:
    1. Resign from all things Republican
    2. Do not vote in the Republican primary only vote on issues
    3.Announce you are now part of and align yourself with the Constitution Party.
    4.Vote solely in the general election for the best candidate and if none available do not vote for the lesser of two evils leave it blank
    5.Just be patient and wait until the Constitution Party gets more people and candidates involved to actually vote for a Constitution Party candidate.

    Additional thought that I wasn't sure how to put them in the body of the letter so placed it at the bottom here.

    Lastly another thing that troubles me is voters and especially leaders who will not attend a meeting or even attempt to learn what other political parties are about. I face this many times passing out the Constitution Party literature to people involved with the Republican Party. Most refuse it. Shouldn't leaders of liberty groups at least attend a meeting to learn if anything else what the opposition is doing? After all they keep talking about the Constitution and this is the Constitution Party.

    Carey Masci

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