Saturday, April 18, 2015


A short vent.

I was a life time Republican, fighting hard to get the GOP elected and then something happened.  As much as I knew I started reading even more, researching even more thanks to the computer, attending as many meet ups and other groups as possible then I slowly realized the GOP with the exception of a small minority inside the party are as evil and rotten as the Dems, they didn't cave to Obama, they are like Obama.  Consider NAFTA, Agenda 21, common core started with Bush Sr., same sex marriage, mandated healthcare started with Mitt, gun laws such as the Brady Bill were GOP backed, shall I go on.  Jump ship.  The mask has been pulled of the elephant and there are nothing but a bunch of red donkeys like the other party.

Now I feel better!

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Anonymous said...

The only thing America can do is start all over,..And go bak to in god we trust.