Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few recent replies to my emails.

Concerning: DADT: Reply from Senator Sherrod Brown

I am wondering how honest he is being about how much it is costing to keep the "don't ask don't tell policy". Why would it cost that much anyway? Furthermore, I don't believe he is so concerned about money being spent. You know his voting record. And also, it's not about what "he supports". He is supposed to vote the way the majority of the people want him to vote. I hope the majority still don't want gays openly serving in our military. It's a different story when a gay is parading around and proud to be a pervert on the streets in our country. That's still horrifying enough for many people, but in the military it would be more of a mental strain/drain on all personnel (gay and otherwise) which could threaten lives. Military people need to be focused and on top of their game and not have their attention distracted with openly gay issues. It seems like they would have an additional war going on with each other.

Cindy R.

Something that troubles me about it is that since the enemy troops are particularly hateful toward us infidels and especially torturous toward gays, I think it will make it much harder for the heterosexual soldiers if they are captured. Just my opinion. - Dawn

And from John in Maine commenting on "What we are putting up with in Ohio"

Entering Maine on I95 is a large sign, "Welcome To Maine, The Way Life Should Be".
I'd like to shove that sign right up the xxxxx who took our tax many to make it.
What a joke, it should read "Welcome To TAXACHUUSE".
A big welfare state here, tax & spend.

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