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From Carey's archives - Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When I initially wrote Carey's top ten reasons why Obama would make a good president back in 2008 before the election, the GOP Boys in Washington were not to pleased with it being on the Lake GOP site before the McCain rally held in Mentor so they removed it. (I think that was a run on sentence?)
Some were especially unhappy about reason Number 8 The NBA championship series will be declared a holiday. But how far off was I? I don't think to terribly off.

If you are into sports and especially NCAA basketball you know they have asked Obama his choice for the brackets the last two years. Now I don't ever remember any president being asked about choosing the winners for basketball before, is it because he is black? Throwing out the first pitch at a ball game, of course, that's very American and ALL presidents do that. Same with picking the winner of the Super Bowl. Basketball though?

But wait it gets better. I went to the store and what did I see? Well look at the photo I enclosed. I guess in a way I have been vindicated.

OH beyond the basketball look at the list and see how far off or right on I was, remember this was before he got elected.

Anybody care to borrow my crystal ball?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When I write I like to use many different ways to make a point, sometimes I am ultra serious, other times just very silly and humorous. So you need to look beyond my humor in this top ten list to reveal the sad truths and shortcomings of Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden. What's more amazing is I didn't have to dig to deep to come up with this list, I listened very closely and used their own rhetoric and their own gaffs.

Carey's top ten reasons why Obama would make a good president

10. He is gifted at community service

9. He is pro-choice which means fewer Democrats in the future

8. The NBA championship series will be declared a holiday

7. We will be healthier from riding our bikes as Obama won't drill for oil

6. All of us will feel more patriotic when we have to pay more in taxes

5. He will add 7 more states to make his statement of being in 57 states true

4. Obama will make more people want to cling to guns and religion

3. We will have daily gaffs from Vice President Biden to laugh at and make us forget how miserable we are

2. Lazy people won't have to work as Obama will spread the wealth.

And the number one reason why Obama would make a good president is....

He will hand out tire gauges to make sure our tires are properly inflated!
Carey Masci

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