Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Democratic strategy for the stretch run.

Here is the Democratic strategy for the stretch run. If you have been following my writings then you have heard some of this before. I truly believe they will be using these.

Number one on the list will be the BLAME GAME!

...using sports as an analogy. In sports there is a strategy to run the same play over and over until the opposing team stops it. The Democrats are using this exact strategy. They are getting a lot of mileage out of blaming President Bush. In late July Obama gave a speech saying this very thing. Until Republicans counter it OR the public says enough, the Dems will continue on and slyly slip it in where ever they can.

How else have they used Blame Bush? They are using it to take our minds off the fact they will be raising taxes and instead keep repeating the Bush Tax cuts are costing the US billions.

Bush tax cuts are not costing the US billions, the Dems spending is. The Repubs have to remind everyone that when the Dems were put in power in 2006 is when the great economic slide started.

Number two: The Dems have an interesting way of garnering support and votes. They use a laser and target specific groups. It doesn't matter that they contradict themselves as long as they say the right things to the group they are addressing. One of their target groups is Hispanics. And whether its good for America or not they will stand up for illegals. If the Dems can get amnesty for the illegals and get them registered they will vote Democratic. But even if the Dems fail with their amnesty plan they will still have the Hispanic support for trying. Hispanics alone won't win the election but that is an important block to keep.

Number three: Time. The Dems can't run on job creation. They can't run on health-care as most Americans have turned against it. They can't run on success in Iraq, the surge was responsible. There is not much they can run on other then - TIME. They will be making the pitch - please don't give up on us now, Bush had 8 years, our plans need time to work and they will. The Repubs need to counter with, the Dems have had control of Congress since 2006 with two of those years with a Democratic president at the helm, we do not have the luxury of giving Dems any more time, America is on life support, we can not take a chance and waste any more time.

Lastly this is not as much as a strategy as an observation, (unless there is market manipulation going on), fluctuations in oil prices that could send gas prices spiraling downward. This plays heavily into the favor of Dems. Our economy thrives on cheap oil. If oil stays cheap till the election and things start to improve people will forget, as they always do, of how bad things were and think well the economy is starting to rebound. The Repubs must counter that this is only short term because Obama won't allow drilling that will not only raise oil prices once again but also will cost THOUSANDS of jobs.

Don't be surprised when you hear these.

Carey Masci

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