Monday, September 27, 2010

Mafia Cleveland Style

Well Friends,

If you like Mafia movies, corruption, bribes, intimidations, high drama and wish you would of been around during the height of Cleveland's Mafia in the 20's and all the way up into the 70's, well you get your chance to experience it.

Even though the rat a tat tat of a tommy gun and the big black Lincolns and Cadilacs are missing, the rest of the story is pretty much the same.

I keep my ear to the ground and some of the things I heard, I can't write about here. The mob was never completely cleansed from America. And whats going on in Cleveland proves it. It just goes by a different name other than Mafia, they are now called Democrats. Mike Trivison, local talk radio host on WTAM, said, What is going on in Cleveland has set back the city at least 25 years!

If justice will prevail it will all come out and people will be behind bars for a long time. If not, these crooks will be out in no time, running for public office again and the people will vote them back in, just because they are Democrats and Cleveland is just about all Democratic. How absurd, but true.


Just some of the many articles on whats going on in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.,0,2472542.story?track=rss

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