Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seven Candidates - Macko and Hocevar

   I hear a lot of complaints about our leaders and elected officials. And I keep telling people NOT all are thieving liars. You need to attend the different functions, you need to meet the candidates face to face to find out. Here are a few that I endorse.

    It was hard to narrow it down of whom to endorse as I have met many fine qualified people. So this is my short list of seven candidates that I believe are honest, have integrity, still believe in America and that can make a difference. Most of these candidates have never held office before. I call this the year of the businessman/non-politician.

1. Dave Macko candidate for State Rep of the 17Th (Bentleyville, Brecksville, Broadview Hts., Chagrin Falls, Chagrin Falls Township, Glenwillow, Hunting Valley, Indepenence, Lyndhurst, Mayfield, Moreland Hills, Oakwood, Pepper Pike, Seven Hills, Solon, Valey View, Walton Hills)

  Dave Macko is the only non-Republican on my list. I always said party doesn't matter as much as the invidual. But I usually vote and endorse Republicans because of their core beliefs. I have never been able to for any Democrat as their philosophy is so un-American and immoral its impossible to do so.

   About Dave Macko, I may not agree with him on everything but on the things that I do, I strongly agree with him. I like to call Dave Macko "The Wrecking Ball". That's how I see his approach to our government. Dave wants to dismantle every unconstitutional law and department and just do away with it. He is pro-life and goes against the Libertarian platform of pro-choice. Dave is also highly in favor of the right to keep and bear arms. Its unfortunate and wrong that Dave Macko didn't receive the endorsement from either the pro-life or pro-gun groups. The memberships of clubs, associations and organizations that Dave belongs to is way to lengthy to list. Its impressive.

   Dave Macko is probably the most misunderstood candidate. The biggest reason is, Dave doesn't have very good bedside manners. If he were a doctor I could see him going into a patients room and saying Go home now and get things in order, you will be dead in a week, goodbye. And that's Dave's approach towards where America is at. He doesn't have time to play games and say things you want to hear, he comes at you with the truth. America is on life support - period.

  Dave Macko promises:
 "I will never vote to increase taxes or fees or to impose new taxes or fees or to diminish the liberties of any innocent person. I will always keep my oath to defend the Constitutions for the United States and Ohio. I will always strive to do what is best for my constituents and the people of Ohio."

   I believe Dave will do what he says, he is firm in his beliefs and disciplined enough not to compromise his values. If you really want to send a message, shake things up, and restore individual freedom vote - Macko.


  2. Tony Hocevar candidate State Rep of the 7Th (Euclid, Cleveland's Collinwood area, Richmond Heights and South Euclid)

   I always look for honesty and passion in an individual, Tony Hocevar has both. When I first met Tony over dinner and told him some of my concerns, he told me straight out, Carey I don't think I can help you, I may not be the man for you. That was a breath of fresh air. So many times politicians promise everything that you know its impossible or just a flat out lie to get your vote. Not with Tony, he knows he weaknesses and his strengths.

   Tony Hocevar recently received an endorsement from the Association of Builders and Contractors of Ohio (ABC of Ohio) which says a lot because his opponent in the race is incumbent Ken Yuko who comes from an organizing role background with a local labor union.

   Tony Hocevar stated, “I am extremely honored and humbled by the confidence ABC has shown in my abilities to support the mission of Ohio’s workers and contractors. I have worked in the construction industry for the great majority of my life. I understand the struggles and challenges workers and owners face day to day. I will continue promoting the principles of open competition, free enterprise, lower taxes, worker’s rights and responsible government regulation. Together, we will restore an environment of job growth in Ohio, helping our families and communities prosper. Thank you ABC of Ohio!”

“We must divest ourselves of the status quos in county and state politics and elect fresh faces who realistically work for and understand the grassroots attitude of our communities. Who knows the breadth of Cuyahoga County’s corruption web? Let’s remove every last vestige of deceit in the state! I will be fair and honest in my role as the next State Representative for eastern Cuyahoga County, not hiding myself among the politicians, lobbyists and lawyers.”

  I never take notes, I write strictly from memory and I will never forget Tony's speech at the Euclid Tea Party.  He just made you feel proud and hopeful for the future. This is one quote:

  "People want to come to America not because what it was, not because what it is, but because what it can be."

  And that's why he is running for state representative, he has a vision for the future.

   People tell me all the time but what can I do? Simple - Get Involved!
  With modern technology such as cell phones and the Internet its very easy to do so. Contact these candidates and ask for voter lists and make calls on their behalf, blast out emails in their support, post this message and others on different forums and blogs and donate. But the easiest thing you can do is simply tell a friend, vote for.....
   Even if you live in another state and don't like your candidates, then help us here in NE Ohio, we need it!

We are at a serious crossroad my friends! Remember what Euclid did to me?
                                                        Carey Masci

As John Kasich candidate for Ohio governor said at the
Lake County Republican Convention in August 2009.

   "You have one more chance to get this right and that's it!"

     Get involved friends please get involved before its really to late!

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