Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The day I held the meet n greet was a gift....

  How exciting! I told the Lake County GOP, at least a year ago, the key to this election is not what is going on in Washington as much as what is going on in our neighboring county Cuyahoga. They have run that county so far into the ground they are now discussing regionalism which is nothing more than the Socialist policy of spreading the wealth or in better terms spreading the debt and corruption.

  The day I held a meet and greet, Sept. 16, for Bob Murphy, candidate for county commissioner, was a real gift from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I had no idea what was going to be run. Most of the paper was devoted to the corruption of Dimora and Russo and the rest of Cuyahoga. And what was in the middle pages? A photo of current County Commissioner Dan Troy with Dimora and Russo. How lovely.

  Read the invite I sent out for the meet and greet I held for Bob Murphy. Turn out was OK considering the day it was held there was a monsoon.

  Friends and Neighbors,
  Thank you for coming today. It shows you are as concerned as I am with what is going on in our country, whether it's nationally or locally.

  I have been involved with many campaigns throughout the years, mostly state representatives, senators and presidential. A lot of people volunteer for those races as they are high profile and exciting. But there are other elected positions as important or more so than just those, with exception the presidential.

  What is the role of commissioner?
  The Board of Lake County Commissioners sets the administrative policy for county government. While the Commissioners have no power to initiate legislation, they do exercise powers granted to them by the Ohio General Assembly through state law.
 The Commissioners are responsible for the appropriations of the county tax revenues through the adoption of the annual county budget. The budget includes appropriations for the numerous county offices, including those offices headed by other elected officials. The Commissioners have the power to levy taxes and to approve the placement of tax levies and bond issues on the ballot for consideration by county voters. The Commissioners also administer all federal grant monies.
 The Commissioners hold title to all county owned property and are responsible for the upkeep. By law, they must provide office space for all county offices. They must build the facilities necessary to house various offices such as the Courtrooms, the Jail, Engineer's facilities and parking. The Commissioners award all contracts for purchase and construction projects. (taken from Lake County Ohio Commissioners Site)

  As you can see the role of commissioner is one of much importance. With all the corruption that is going on in Cuyahoga County, which I am positive will spill over into Lake County, it is imperative we elect morally and fiscally responsible officials. I believe Bob Murphy is such a person.

So what can you do?
The basics, which so many overlook.  Make phone calls, put up yard signs, and pass out flyer's.
But by far the most effective is simply telling a friend - VOTE FOR BOB MURPHY!

Together we can keep out Cuyahoga thinking and keep Lake County - Lake County!
Your Friend,
Carey Masci

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