Friday, March 12, 2010

Are the tea parties biblical? WELW 1330 am THE BREAKDOWN WITH MIKE AND JOSH

I was involved in an challenging debate following last Saturdays airing of Break Down Radio. A listener of the show said he didn't want to upset me but felt I was doing wrong by fighting Euclid because the Bible says to submit to authority.
This led to a back and forth that had no end in sight. The other questions raised in our discussion were:
What is our role as Christians in government?
What does it mean to submit to authority?
Do we just go along or fight back as I am doing?
If the state is forcing us to disobey God's commandments and/or principals then should we submit to government?
And - Are the tea parties biblical?

This Saturday March 13th at 2 pm EST tune in to WELW 1330 am when Mike & Josh Breakdown these questions with Pastor Cohen and Carey.

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Please pass this along to all your friends as this will be an interesting show.

Carey K. Masci

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