Monday, March 01, 2010

News about Euclid

Ahh yes, finally Euclid is getting some airtime. I have been plugging away and waiting for this.
And guess who helped spread the news of what is going on in the city? Why it was none
other than Euclid and the Mayor himself with his latest proposals of trash pick up and
street light fees! Yes, you read it correctly, STREET LIGHT FEES! How much
more can the people put up with this nonsense.
Rich called from work and said hurry put on 1100 am the Mike Trivisono Show they are talking about Euclid. What advertising! Sadly I missed the first part but this is what I
Chuck Galletti, who was sitting in for Triv, made this statement to Mayor Cervenek. -
What people are against is once a fee or tax is put in place its never removed. The Mayor
responded Thats not necessarily true, they can always be reduced. Excuse me, reduced
is not the same as being removed.
He also went on to say remember when you went for a walk during the summer and
how nice it was, think about the service and recreation. Chuck said recreation, Euclid already
got rid of their fireworks.
The Mayor also said he will not get rid of inspections. You just had to hear it. It was terrible PR and did nothing to change the image of Euclid.
Euclid is also exploring the use of street light cameras. The fight is on. Groups are already
aligning themselves to fight this.
Maryanne Petranek, who ran for city council in Cleveland, called before the mayor went on
and tried to make a point of cities are taking enough in from property tax. I understood
what she said, the poor host Chuck didn't get it.
Maryanne emailed me with this....

On Saturday, we are letting Cuyahoga County know that we are taking back our
government and they will either represent us or be thrown out of office.
We need to take care of local issues and get these deadbeats out of office.
When I heard Mayor Bill Cervenik say Euclid would charge people for streetlights,
I couldn’t believe my ears.

And also this......

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Cuyahoga County for Liberty event, The Power of Coalitions, is this coming Saturday, February 6, 2010 from noon-4:00PM.

The event made it to the front page of the Plain Dealer today

and it will be covered by Channel 19 at 4:30PM this afternoon, Wednesday, February 3, 2010. I was interviewed at my home this afternoon regarding Jason Gloyd, from COAST in Cincinnati . Jason has caused quite a stir in Ohio with his organization’s ability to identify an issue and win at the polls. In particular, Jason and I will be sitting down this Saturday to discuss putting red light cameras on the ballot for the people to decide whether they want them or not. They kept them out of Cincinnati and many other communities across Ohio .

Cuyahoga County for Liberty ’s phone has been ringing all morning with individuals offering their support for a petition drive.

The Plain Dealer and Channel 19 are both scheduled to be at the event on Saturday.

I hope many of you can come to this free event on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you there.

Look for us on facebook---The Power of Coalitions!

Maryanne Petranek
Vice-Chair, Cuyahoga County for Liberty
Assistant Interim State Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty .

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