Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare from Hell, America is at War

Hope I'm not sued by AC/DC

Healthcare from Hell
No stop signs, speed limits
No Repub's gonna slow me down
If you're older you will die
The unborn they can't hide
Hey Satan hear my plea
I am pushing health care and it aint gonna be free
Cause I'm pushing health care from hell
Health care from hell

Most of our elected officials are DELUSIONAL. I have to add so is the public who refuse to inform themselves before voting. Now we are faced with a full frontal assault on our very foundation of liberty and people are freaking and for good reason. Mandatory healthcare = SOCIALISM and it doesn't have to be.
Before trying to solve any problem you need to DEFINE THE PROBLEM. With healthcare/insurance you need to look at the numbers very carefully of how many are uninsured. From there you break it down further. There are three basic groups who don't have health insurance, people who choose not to carry it, those who can't afford it and illegal aliens. Two out of three of these groups should NOT be in the equation.
So the first step you start with is an illegal immigration bill to remove illegals from this country. That would stop a lot of the drain on our health care in more ways than one. Again, until that first step or problem is solved you do not move on.

To lend more credence to the above was a small article in the middle pages of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Thursday March 18 of a far greater issue facing America then health care reform.
Paraphrasing. Texas senators urged President Obama to visit the Mexican boarder and assess the threat that drug-cartel violence could spill into the US. Our boarder patrol agents and local law enforcement are regularly engaged with gunmen. They want the President to craft a concrete plan to address the increasing violence and provide senators a classified intelligence briefing on whether the wave of cartel killings poses a threat to the safety of other Americans and to our overall national security.


Think of Israel and how they handle things. Do you think they would allow their safety forces to be shot upon? WAKE UP AMERICA! A foreign nation is shooting at us. This is an act of war!!!! And yet our beloved congress has had all their time consumed with healthcare.

If all that ain't enough to convince you that Obama's madness needs to stop then how about this very simple reason, America is BROKE. By pushing for more government spending it could bring us to the brink of complete financial collapse. If our nation goes under how are you going to have any form of healthcare?

Carey K. Masci

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