Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What were my thoughts about being on Breakdown Radio WELW

Quite a few have been asking well what did you think, do you think it went OK (being on Breakdown radio WELW 1330 am)? Some of you I have answered already but for the rest here's my take. Mike didn't have a long lead in, it was BAM right into my situation. I started of with a few stumbles but think I steadied myself enough. I listened to it a few times since then and think I did a better job of bridging thoughts.
The hosts, Mike & Josh, were challenging and were not completely one sided with me. They were balanced and honest. I am pretty harsh with criticism of myself and always think I could have done better but for the most part I believe it went quite well. I told my folks really though it's not how I think it went but how the audience perceived it. And judging from the positive feedback it was successful.
Mike as well Dov and I have been going back and forth on the trouble I find myself in with Euclid. They agree the laws Euclid has set forth are wrong and anti business but ultimately they think it's my fault for not researching or going along with the rules since they have been on the books. After thinking this over YES I concede they are right. As the saying goes buyer beware and I believe it can apply here. BUT you have to give me this, the first house I bought was in '93, you cannot even begin to compare then to now. There was NO need to really look into ordinances. In fact I paid to have the house inspected not really knowing back then what to look for. Euclid was no where to be found and so I bought my second house thinking things were the same.
The most important thing that I hope we don't lose sight of is this, America is in deep trouble friends. DEEP TROUBLE! Whether the rules were on the books and I didn't research them this is just wrong that any level of government can take that much control over someone's property. And two years of fighting this and trying to rally support from elected officials and the populace has really got me no where. Euclid keeps on coming and coming and coming with no let up. As I said on the show, a very simple explanation from Bill O'Reilly of what Socialism is - Socialism is when the government takes control over property and commerce. Thats what we need to keep in mind. Thats why we are attending the Tea Parties. Thats why people are protesting. Thats why you are seeing a resurgence of people looking at the Constitution. This problem I have with Euclid really involves all of us, whether you see it that way or not. IF they can come after me and demand entry or jail time some other city or our federal government can come after you.
And as Mike said this does give me a testimony not only when we reach conclusion which ever way it may go but also for warning people to look into the laws and don't take anything for granted.
This is not the America we use to know - no one is safe.

Carey K. Masci

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