Wednesday, March 03, 2010

carey's humorous and serious thoughts

I've received that email that's been circulating of President Obama with his feet up on the desk. That made me think of President Reagan who had so much respect that he would never take off his suit jacket while in the Oval Office. At least you can say this about President Obama, he didn't remove his pants like Slick Willy.

Another disheartening fact. 30% of our food will be imported by 2012. Now heres the irony. Our government is so concerned about our health and the environment that they have very stringent controls that its now cheaper to import our food where there is much less to no regulations in foreign countries. So we go from one extreme to another.

Tourism is down in the US but up in many other countries. We are even losing our tourist industry.

The Chilean quake was so strong that the earth shifted on its axis and shortened the day. The length of the day lost about 1.26 microseconds. Well that explains why I wasn't able to accomplish everything today.

Apple Computers have been repeatedly criticised for using factories that use child labor and abuse workers. Their motto at the factories - An Apple a day keeps the whips away.

A couple of thoughts about the Olympics. It may seem like they sort of contradict each other and maybe they do.
The first thought is about America's medal count. We won the most medals - 37 total. BUT we did not win the most gold. Canada set a record with 14, Germany had 10 and we tied Norway with 9. This made me think of this Socialist move in America where everyone is equal. More moderation instead of excelling. We best regain our personal freedoms that encourage greatness as the rest of the world is starting to pass us by.
The other thought.
I watched the closing ceremonies. Players of the different countries paraded around proudly representing their homeland. And then they showed America and the different races and nationalities that made up our teem. It just hit me that even though we have serious problems in this country, this is what makes our country so great. As different as we all our when we come together we can accomplish great things.

Carey K. Masci

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