Thursday, March 18, 2010

UFO's Over Euclid

Aww yes, if video camera's in pencil sharpeners in city hall, arresting people for having a family member stay in their vacant house, street light fee's, 1,000 empty houses, scandals with housing inspectors, a woman killing a doe with a shovel weren't enough Euclid now has UFO's hovering off shore. What next a plague of frogs??

Mayor Cervenik has been exonerated. He said I told you people weren't leaving because of our bad and inept laws, the empty houses are caused by alien abductions.

Euclid council is busy trying to figure out what to do if the UFO lands. They're debating if they should call the military or just send out their housing inspectors.

Euclid's new ordinance. All alien space crafts that land in the city of Euclid may be no greater than 30 foot in circumference, have no more than 15 revolving lights, must have proof of insurance, can not park on any side street, may not carry any lazar guns within 500 yards of a school zone, must apply for an over night visa, must...............

UFO's appear over Euclid. Carey's cry for help finally heard.

Carey K. Masci

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