Friday, March 19, 2010

odds and ends from Carey

Washington DC has allowed same sex marriage. In recognition of this they are changing the name. It will now be known as Washington AC-DC.
For those of you who don't know, AC-DC is slang for people who go both ways, capeesh?

A recent headline from Yahoo news
Unemployment rises in 30 states in January.

Is this the We're the people meeting? Yes. Well we're the people.

Harry Reid is pushing hard for more highway funds to stimulate jobs growth. This is old thinking in a new era. Back in the depression roads and highways were part of the American dream. Dreams of two cars in every garage, dreams of traveling, roadside diners, motels, hotels, America was a nation on the move. Now, who can afford the gas to drive? The Dems won't let us drill for oil, gas is going up but our roads will be nice. Maybe the Chinese need them when they come over with their tanks to take land for the debt we owe.

Since August '09, Sen. Ted Kennedy dies from brain cancer - Rep. Murtha dies from complications of gall bladder surgery - Harry Reid's wife and daughter in a serious car crash. All liberal Democrats involved in scandals, unGodly policies or both. God's judgment?

Cindy R's. words of wisdom
Carey: The truth shall set you free. Cindy: Well not all the time. If you commit murder and admit to it, it won't set you free, you will be put to death.

News from Millard
Because of Kentucky budget deficit they are talking about only having school 3 days a week. It would save $30 million a year.

Taken from the We the People (Akron group) email
Lent is when we begin a 40 day period of prayer, fasting and penance in commemoration of the sacrifice of Christ; that sacrifice being his passion and death, for our redemption.
May you use this time wisely for your own edification, for it is the perfect opportunity for use to reform at least one of our vices or bad habits. Is it a coincidence that Psychologist's now tell use that it takes four to six weeks of abstinence
to throw off a bad habit, and at the same time, preferably, to replace it with a good one? And when we make this sacrifice for God, not just for our-self, it takes on a whole new dimension and significance. Because we do it not just to take control over our-self but to become better, more like him.

Submit to authority but what about our government?
The real question is, what do we do to make the government follow Romans 13 by submitting to the Constitution?
For Life and Liberty,
David Macko

This is scary. I called my tenant but was one number off. Instead of 288-XXXX, I dialed
289-XXXX. And guess what number it was? Euclid housing department! Its a conspiracy!!

Thats all.
Carey K. Masci

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