Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Here there and a word from NY

Currently Nissan also has a big recall. Nissans could lose their brakes and they have a faulty fuel gauge that shows you have gas when in fact it's close to empty. Though unlike Toyotas that kept on running, with Nissan when you loose your brakes just remember don't panic, more than likely you're about to run out of gas.

So you want socialized medicine? In Great Britain they have refused to cover the expense of 700 people with a rare blood cancer citing that it would be way to expensive. Wonderful huh?

Bill O'Reilly's short definition of what socialism is. Socialism is when the government takes control over property and commerce. Tell me if that sounds like Euclid's government.

eBay to politics.
I sold a Ziggy trash can to a lady in NY. I apologized to her for being late with the shipping. I explained that my time has been consumed with this situation with Euclid.
She responded back with this: Hi Carey, how's it going ? i just got done reading the article you sent me to read, and it sounds just like our governor here in new york state. Same crap, i also own a a couple of homes, and one in buffalo, where the garbage, and water fee are 180.00 every 3 months, and they want to tax everything out here. They should put a tax on toilet paper, and we can all take a s__t for them. This is why i am doing all sorts of odd jobs right now... to keep up. Hope all is well, and let me know how its going
with ziggy. Thanks a bunch, Laura

Two more days until my summons with Euclid. As the pastor prayed on for me on Break Down radio I believe some how this will all work out. The bible says when you've done all stand. Well I still have at least four more hands to play. I am not conceding or standing until I have done exactly what the Bible says - ALL.
Carey K. Masci

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