Monday, March 22, 2010

Carey says Democrats will win in November

The picture is getting clearer to me and I see the Democrats winning in November. No someone didn't slip a mickey in my coffee.
This is like a chess match and the Dems moved pieces into play right under our nose that almost puts us in checkmate. In the wee hours of Sunday morning I sent out an email titled Healthcare from Hell - America is at war inside the US. Hate to blow my own horn but little did I know how perfect the timing and right on I was.
In that email I lined up the facts of far greater importance than healthcare was the issue of illegal aliens and the war on the Texas boarder. Well some of you may not even be aware because most of us were consumed with the healthcare bill and almost all news stations were covering it but there was a quick blip about another rally going on in Washington DC Sunday. A rally of thousands of illegal immigrants demanding rights and amnesty. And then it came together. The reason so many Dems voted for the healthcare bill is because they have nothing to fear, they have troops in reserve. Illegal aliens!!!
Brilliant timing for who ever organized the rally for amnesty. Do you see where I am going with this? Obama's next huge undertaking that will be pushed through is - amnesty. And once the illegals are given citizenship, they will register as Democrats and those votes will keep Obama and the rest of the Socialists in power. Brilliant strategy. Right out of the Clinton playbook.
For those who may not remember Slick Willy and Gore tampered with the naturalization process and was lax with many of the INS rules. This was to help President Clinton in the November election. That administration as well as the current one will do anything for self gain and to push this country into full blown socialism. And as it happened in '96 where criminals and others who should never been allowed to stay were granted citizenship it will happen again. History does repeat itself and I am sad to say sooner then I thought.
Look out for this next battle, amnesty. If we don't stop it, Obama will go unchecked for two full terms with Dems in control and then its lights out America.

Carey K. Masci

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