Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bailouts for the corrupt. more woes for euclid

Please check out these links. PLEASE!
The first is about Cuyahoga County that has led the nation in foreclosures. Even though I am against ANY money to bail out this corrupt area, its no surprise that Nevada, home of Vegas that Obama slammed is amongst the 5 states to receive Federal funds. The reason, Obama wants to help Harry Reid get reelected.
As for the bottom link its about Euclid. Shut the whole city down! Mayor Cervenik callously told me to run my business better when I came to him for help. Now he is crying we don't have money. OH WELL! Mayor run "YOUR" business better.
Read my opinions on both links. And please do the right thing, many of you said you wanted to help, well call and call and write to city halls, elected officials and tell them NO to bail out money, quit wasting our tax dollars for corrupt cities and also intrusive housing laws that violate rights. And remind them what Euclid is doing to your friend Carey.,0,139582.story

News-Herald Article:

This is so crazy. Just about daily I get some sort of update about Euclid. I get a call from a friend at work, quick turn on 1100 they are talking about Euclid - another call at work HEY DID YOU HEAR EUCLID WANTS TO LAY OFF 10 POLICE OFFICERS - I find a news paper on my windshield while my van was parked in my drive, Carey read this, about Euclid. On and On it goes.

Keep it up friends, something has to change, March 12 is my summons.

Carey K. Masci

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