Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seth Morgan

Praying friends,
I had the pleasure of meeting Seth Morgan last night at a candidates forum held at the Lake County GOP headquarters in Painesville, Ohio.
Seth Morgan is running for state auditor for Ohio. I heard from others that Seth is very solid in his Christian beliefs. I spoke with Seth very briefly and told him if I could be of any help please let me know.
Well this evening I received an email to sign up to volunteer for his campaign. There was a list of about 15 duties, to name a few, placing yard signs, making phone calls and whats that? Prayer team? Prayer team for a state auditors race. I was impressed.
It is this kind of principled person we need to get elected in all offices if we hope to turn this country around.
So I am asking my praying friends to do just that, pray for Seth Morgan's campaign that he will be successful and a beacon of light to the state of Ohio which needs it badly.

Carey K. Masci

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