Monday, March 01, 2010

Cleveland and Cuyahoga receive yet another award

Ahhh yess you have to love this, the awards for Cleveland keep on rolling in. And in and in. Thank goodness for these worst lists as Cleveland gets to be honored for something. And yet has things changed or are they changing? NOPE! Most of Cuyahoga is still doing the same ole same ole.
Look at Euclid. No matter how much you point out these statistics they won't bend the rules and become resident or landlord friendly. And so the beat goes on and on and on as more and more are driven out and away or locked up and put away.

Maybe they want a ghost town? Then again not even ghost's like taxes and regulations and fee's and jail time.
In fact I heard even with all the empty houses in Euclid none are haunted! You need to file to have a haunting permit. Not many ghosts are willing to pay that.

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